Friday, February 15, 2008

Update to Common Word Controversy

Some influential evangelical leaders have withdrawn their names from the evangelical letter endorsing the Christian-Muslim statement we discussed earlier.

This article states that administrators from Wheaton college are withdrawing their names, reviews opposition to the letter from John Piper and Mohler, and gives a good summary of the controversy ...

What was written about John Piper's reaction is noteworthy:
Piper called the Christian document a "profound disappointment" in the way it was worded and was surprised that even some of his friends lent their support to the letter.

"What's missing from this document is a clear statement about what Christianity really is and how we can come together to talk with Muslims from our unique, distinctive, biblical standpoint," Piper said in a public statement last month.

He rejected the letter's emphasis on the common ground of the love of God, arguing that the love of God for Christians is starkly different from that of Islam.

"The love of God is ... uniquely expressed through Jesus Christ as the propitiation for our sins because he died on the cross and rose again. All those things, Islam radically rejects," Piper stressed. "So they do not believe in the love of God we believe in."

This goes perfectly with what I'm reading in Always Ready, Dr Greg Bahnsen's apologetic masterpiece, about the presuppositional method for evangelism! Can't wait to get some notes on that book out! Stay tuned!

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