Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Rolfs at State Street 12/12

Friday (12/12/08) was a special day! Devon Rolf and Family came to State Street and played bluegrass and Gospel tunes in the lobby. What a treat to hear the girls proclaiming Christ to the passers by during the lunch hour! Preston and Jonathan from church also came to make sure the sound system sounded great. And boy, did it! Emma's fiddle burst into flames during one of her solos, which nearly set off the internal sprinklers!

Here are some pictures I snapped (sure wish I could have captured the audio!) ...

Devon Rolf, Jonathan Slaven, and Preston Bowman discussing what they miss (and don't miss) about working in a big corporation.

Thank you Devon and Rebecca (back row), Annie and Abby (twins in white sweaters), and Heidi (front row), and Emma (right)!

You can catch the Rolf family perform in Branson this May!

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