Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some things to get excited about ...

I'm not clever enough to tie all these together in a theme, and that is a good thing for you as it would only lead to rolling eyeballs. So, for lack of a better catchy phrase, here are some things I'm really excited about! I can just hear John Piper hissing at me, "Don't tell them you're excited, SHOW THEM YOU'RE EXCITED WITH YOUR WORDSsss!"

So, if I haven't lost anybody, here is what has me excited ...
  • RefTagger. Many bloggers know about this already, but it's new to me! You put some code in your blog and then it makes any references you type in pop up when you hover over them, so readers can see the text! Don't believe me? Check this out. My favorite verse in the Bible is 2 Cor 5:21. Click here to make your blog do this! Best of all, it's FREE!
  • Reformed Conference at Shawnee RPC. I'll give this it's own post, but for now make sure you keep March 26-28 free and clear!
  • Men's Breakfast at Omaha Bible Church featuring Phil Johnson. This morning I was listening to a sermon by Phil, an excellent exposition of 1 Peter 1:3-5 ... see there's the RefTagger again! Reminds me of Gen 1:3! OK, back to the Men's Breakfast. I just happened to email Pastor Raymond this morning to send a link of this or that. Well, he emails me right back with news about THIS, and encouraging me to bring some guys up! Unless the Lord prevents us, the Bonhams are headed north early April. I hope to meet the Irish Calvinist (Erik Raymond) and the PyroManiac (Phil Johnson). Let me know if you'd like to caravan up with us! We'll most likely hit the fabulous Omaha Zoo while we're there!
  • Seth Wing is in Costa Rica! Chances are you know this guy, already. He's one of those kind of guys who seems to know everybody. The most kind and unassuming guy I've ever met; it was a pleasure to work with Seth at StateStreet this last year, and he was a huge blessing to our Bible Study Group. The Lord has called him to move to CR to teach English to elementary students in a country that is 75% Roman Catholic. Please follow Seth's blog, News from the Rich Coast, and drop him a note (Spanish or English) and tell him you're praying for him!
  • I love babies! Finally, babies! Yesterday I wrote about the horrors of abortion. But I'm reminded of several of our dear friends who have either recently welcomed little ones into the world or are expecting in the coming months. Praise God for these precious gifts!

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Dan Warne said...

Hola Mike! I got in touch with Seth, I look forward to keeping in touch with what God's doing through him.

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