Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jim Elliff's Autoblography

It's no secret I'm a ginormous fan of the teaching, preaching and writing of Jim Elliff. He is now writing his autobiography and making it available in installments on his website. Click here. His purpose is two-fold, to 'illustrate God's faithfulness' and to leave a record for his family.

I took chapters 1 & 2 on the bus last week. Without being too cliche, I smiled often, laughed (out loud-literally) and wept (not out loud), while nearly oblivious to those around me. Jim has a gift for writing and the Lord has given him much to write about! Like most of Jim's work, these chapters are short and very conversational, so travel back in time to read about how Jim's story began. Like me, you'll be anxious for more!

P.S. You can also follow Jim on Twitter here.

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