Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Something about Mary?

The other day a Catholic friend mentioned she once visited a shrine to Mary. Sadly, there are millions of people who are elevating a proper love and respect for the birth mother of Jesus of Nazareth to level that Mary herself would not approve of. And certainly God Himself who alone deserves worship, does not approve.

If you attend Roman Catholic services, or you know someone who does, please take a minute to read this article, written by a Mary Ann Collins, a former Catholic nun. I ask that you please meditate on the Scriptures that she points to in order to 'test all things' as God's Word calls us to do.

Jesus said that the truth will set us free. (John 8:32) However, He did not say that the truth would necessarily be easy to accept. It was painful for me to learn the information that I am about to share with you, but it was also liberating and it led to a closer relationship with God.

As a faithful Catholic, and later as a nun, I was devoted to Mary. The prayers and practices were so familiar. They were taught to me by sincere people. I prayed the rosary, including rosary novenas. I wore a Brown Scapular and a Miraculous Medal. I visited shrines that honor Mary. I had beautiful statues of Mary. I attended special services where we prayed to Mary and recited a litany of titles honoring her. I read books about apparitions of Mary, and dreamed of visiting Lourdes and Fatima. I participated in processions honoring Mary. A statue of Mary was put on a platform that was decorated with flowers. There were poles on the platform, so that men could carry it. The men walked through the streets, carrying the statue on the platform. We walked behind the statue, singing songs in Mary’s honor.

Was this worship? At the time, that question never occurred to me. Now, looking back on what I did, I believe that it was.

Please read the rest of the article here. The author also references a video (click here to see online) in which Mary worship is seen, even by the Pope himself. Also, examine the claims made by the supposed Mary 'apparitions' in light of Scripture.

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