Saturday, May 29, 2010

RC Sproul - Should Christians be on Facebook?

Several months ago, I saw a video of Paul Washer pleading, "Be a man, get off Facebook!" I love Washer, so this hit close to home, especially since my brother-in-law (not on FB) loves to repeatedly mention the video, albeit jokingly. But still I'm on Facebook. By the way, Washer's appeal (found here), is based on the necessity to not waste your life, to resist the tendency to spend it on trivial things while greater spiritual battles are waging. He is saying that many people need to get off Facebook. For many he is right.

Maybe you're like me and have been frustrated with some of the negative aspects of Facebook. Even if you're not a Christian, it is easy to see its evils (narcissistic triviality, privacy concerns, time-wasting tendencies, etc). So when RC Sproul published an article on the topic (Should Christians Be on Facebook) I was quick to read it.

He offers some great insights, worthy of a read. Most importantly, is the aspect of examining our own hearts. This social networking thing is a matter of personal conviction, but our conviction needs to be constantly evaluated in light of Scripture. I'm sticking with FB for now. I feel it offers many blessings and so far those have outweighed its curses. My aim, and my prayer for those who glory in Christ Jesus, is to find ways to use Facebook to bring honor to His name. (1 Cor 10:31).

In addition, I invite challenge and feedback from any who see my use of Facebook, Twitter, etc as being in opposition to the glory of Christ. Please keep me accountable.

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