Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How important is the local church?

Our culture doesn't put a high premium on the local church. Many people look at church as something you 'do' or 'go to' on Sundays. But if you read the New Testament the emphasis is much more pronounced. This article by David Doran clearly and powerfully demonstrates the Biblical necessity for a Christian to be plugged into a healthy local church.

In fact, he goes as far to say that service done in and through the local church is a believer's primary responsibility.

Although we live in a day that focuses almost exclusively on the believer’s personal relationship with God, we cannot forget that every genuine believer has been saved and placed into the Body of Christ. It may seem radical, but I would like to suggest that service to God in the local assembly is every believer’s primary obligation in life.
Parents, consider that you can't raise your children the way God intends apart from the local church (Eph 6:4). In fact, the good works we are called to do (Eph 2:10), our marriage, our parenting, careers, indeed all of the aspects of our life are to be reflections of the importance we place in the local church. Doran says this much better:

Marriage and family are temporal concerns that should not supplant our devotion to Christ (including our service for Him). God does not keep this planet spinning for the advancement of our careers, pursuit of our life goals, or the enjoyment of our families. The world continues on because the mission of Jesus Christ has not yet been fulfilled, and that means the mission should be our supreme concern. All of these other things are good gifts from the Lord for our enjoyment and a means by which we may glorify Him, but when they become the supreme concerns of our life they can become idolatries. (emphasis mine)

Please check out this short article. It is well written and clearly communicates Biblical truth.

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