Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thief in the Night!

Two things are for certain: 1) Jesus WILL return, and 2) this movie is quite entertaining!

My pastor mentioned this movie from the pulpit, pointing out its enormous influence on evangelicalism and the way we view Revelation. He also said you can see it online and check out the cheesy acting and 'far out' outfits! So when Aimee had Sophia for the evening and Adriana was doing homework, I did what any good dad would do with his 4-yr-old and watched a movie about the end of the world.

We enjoyed the drama and the comedy (and awful singing) and had lots of discussion about what our new resurrected bodies will be like (force fields Myles, really?) He was pretty bummed that he can't take his 'monster guy' stuffed pillow with him to Heaven!

No matter what your view on end times (Christians disagree on the details/timing/sequence of the Second Coming, but agree that He will indeed return!), this is a helpful movie because we all need to examine our life view of eternity and we're all called to respond to the call to forsake our sin and give our life to Christ. I love the blood transfusion analogy (in the movie a guy gets bitten by a cobra--check it out!)

My pastor doesn't teach 'pre-tribulation rapture' so I can't endorse that view, but still, this is a fun movie to see and actually has a pretty good Gospel message! If you can get past the horrible short-shorts worn by shirtless MEN, you will be fine!

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