Monday, July 23, 2007

Great Bible Study Approach

I want to know God's Word better. Can you provide me with a plan to help me get there?

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Mike said...

I wanted to mention the reading plan I did last year and loved! It's for people like me who like to jump around all over the place (I could never get out of Exodus!) This plan has you in a different section of the Bible each day. Monday you're reading in the Law (1st 5 books of the OT), Tuesday = History, Wed = Psalms, Thur = Poetry, Friday = Prophecy (OT Prophets + Revelation), Sat = Gospels, Sun = Epistles. You'll be amazed as you read how God will demonstrate how all the sections inter-relate so beutifully as God weaves the beautiful tapestry before your eyes!

Here's a link to the specifics ...

If you want this in a one page printout by date, I can send you a spreadsheet.


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