Friday, March 28, 2008

Sophia turns seven tomorrow!

Tomorrow my daughter Sophia turns seven! She's a handful and has inherited my hyperactivity, but she has an electric smile (see picture) ... and a sweet heart.

Here's a picture she made.

She made an effort to point out that this is NOT a jayhawk. Maybe someday she'll grow out of this phase of being a Wildcat fan!

Sophia is quite creative. You can see some of her artwork in this video the girls did for Valentine's Day. She made this little frog when she got a book recently that shows how to make little creatures using thin paper strips. Her first creature was, of course, a frog ...

You can buy Sophia's work on eBay ... the current bid is $1,400.

One of her favorite books is the Eaglet, by Jim Elliff.

She also loves the Lightlings, another great book for kids that explains the Gospel.

I'm very thankful for ministries like these that seek to share the Gospel with kiddoes like Sophia!

Sophia's a first grader who has been getting better and better in her reading!

She loves to catch bugs and frogs (she's our tomboy) so I thought I'd put a nice frog video here to show her!


We love you Sophia, Happy Birthday!!!

From Mom and Dad, Adriana and Myles!

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John Wright said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Sophia! I loved seeing all your art work! You are special because you are so intelligent and don't let anybody else tell you how to think and are fun to be around. I hope you enjoy your birthday!

Great post Mike, what a nice way to honor your daughter. Hope you all are doing well, haven't seen you in a while.

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