Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thanks, Adam!

Today I emailed a friend of mine on our recent family hardships and in typical fashion he emailed back a complete work of literature. I thank the Lord for this friend's gift of writing and for his wisdom and love in Christ. I'm just going to post his email, perhaps it will encourage you like it has me:

I was just talking [to my daughter and some friends of the family's kids] as I took them to school this morning about the curse that Adam and Eve's decision brought upon man and how they just could not understand the ramifications of their decision and the hopelessness and suffering that cascaded down up on all of their unborn children. As we drove I pointed out that every car that passed us, every house we could see for miles, all contained people who were hopeless and miserable because of the curse that has fallen on us all. That curse is a life that is hard and painful and miserable. We ache and hurt, we lose jobs, hate jobs, and can't pay bills. We hurt each other and are hurt by each other. We grow old and we grow rickety. I have to have oral surgery in three and a half weeks. Thanks, Adam.

Life, because of Adam's choice and the resulting curse offers hardship, hopelessness, and misery. The only hope that we have is through the reversal of the curse that is available through Christ, and even that only offers a spiritual freedom now. We have little difference between ourselves and non-believers as far as physically being under the curse. Again, thanks, Adam.
What your family has experienced is, first and foremost, ordained and purposed by a sovereign God. But it is also a result of the curse. It may even be an attack from the Evil One. Whatever it is, you must, through the deep discouragement and pain turn your eyes to the Master who is drawing you, Amy and the family to Himself through this. He desires that through experiencing the curse, you will long to find your hope in Him and in the future He has promised. It is real. It is coming. It is curse-free. Thanks, Second Adam!! Praise the name of Jesus!

If for this life only we have hoped in Christ,
we are of all men most to be pitied

1 Corinthians 15:19

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ipastorwill said...

Love it. Truth spoken like apples of gold... which is a far cry from the apples of the Eden tree. Amen

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