Friday, June 20, 2008

Roundup 2 Roundup

Last week, a friend shared a link to this site. It features a short clip. Do you have 30 seconds to watch?

It also featured a longer clip that tells the story of their ministry. Do you have 3 minutes to watch?

Please take some time and read about Roundup2Roundup and pray about how the Lord might use you to get involved in this local ministry, helping to feed those who desperately need it. Man's greatest need is the Gospel, as we have been seeing this month in this blog, but the Gospel should change our lives to the point that we seek to help those who can't help us back!

Read about R2R's upcoming fundraisers (including a car wash in Olathe on July 26th), and other simple ways you can get involved!

Faith without works is dead! (James 2:17)

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