Saturday, July 12, 2008

God is working in Hong Kong!

Wanted to share about what God is doing at my company ... worldwide! We are blessed to have the opportunity to have employee network groups where we can meet and encourage one another during weekly Bible studies. We are able to use company resources such as conference rooms, and video and audio conference technologies. We even have a budget for running our group, because these groups were set up to help with HR aspects such as recruitment, retention, and overall good morale among employees. As you would expect there are some groups out there with widely differing beliefs than those we hold to, some of them diametrically opposed in fact. Yet were it not for these groups gaining approval and sanction, our Bible Study Group would not have been allowed to become the light that it has become in our company! This is a constant reminder of God's sovereign control of even the wickedness of man!

Last October, the KC office was the first to join the existing Boston metro Bible Study Group (BSG). California followed in February of this year, and last week, Hong Kong was able to join officially! They already had a group of 10-15 who were renting a nearby facility to hold their Bible studies during lunch. Now they can meet in their own office and are corporately sanctioned to promote their group to other employees who might be interested!

You can see pictures and read more about Hong Kong's 7/4 kick-off celebration on the "prayer blog" (click here), a personal blog we set up to help the BSG keep track of prayer requests. Feel free to check it out and pray for us!

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