Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Blessing of a Taste of Tragedy

I'm rejoicing right now, praising God for His mercy! If only for a few minutes, I thought I had lost my boy (for other scary moments click here and here)!

I was cleaning our deck and preparing the wood to be stained. As I worked away, Aimee told me she was taking the kids swimming. I thought she mentioned that Myles (2) was to finish his nap, so I hurried to finish the job so I could be there to wake him up (otherwise he would sleep all day … then party all night!)

It just so happens that today is the day Myles promoted up to a "big-boy-bed", so we took out his crib and put in the new one. Nap time was a challenge as he was not taking to the new bed as we had hoped. Finally he settled in for a good nap. He plays hard, so he loves a good nap just like his old man!

After I cleaned up my tools and showered to clean off all the caustic chemicals, I peeked my head in Myles’ room. He wasn't there. Only his diaper and shorts lay in his bed. At first I rolled my eyes and started looking in Myles's typical hiding spots. Maybe he went off to hide then fell asleep somewhere. I quickly became alarmed, though, when he didn't answer my call. I would have expected a giggle if he were hiding or "up to no good". It wasn't long before I had searched the entire house top to bottom. As I called Aimee's cell phone, I planned the next steps ... check with the neighbors working outside ... call 911 ... jump in my car to begin the search.

When Aimee picked up, she assured me that Myles was safe and with her at the pool. What a relief! I literally was so overwhelmed that I could barely talk, crying from relief that my horrifying fears did not come true. The "what-if" thought that many parents try to avoid, because it's just too awful, was for a brief moment a reality. What if he had run off and gotten outside, or had been abducted while I showered! What if I would never see him again?

I'm finding it difficult to return to normalcy. I have a new appreciation for the gift of my children! This "taste of tragedy" was enough to get me to thinking about spiritual things. Do I appreciate the gift of my salvation as I should?

When I come across something in God's Word that causes me to reflect on my salvation, the holiness of God, the gravity of my sin and what it cost to reconcile me to a holy God, I come away more appreciative and grateful for His sacrifice! Without Christ, without His life, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection, there would be no salvation! This is, as the author of Hebrews calls “such a great salvation (Heb 2:3)”.

I am absolutely wicked and deserving of hell, due to offending an infinitely holy God! If Jesus had not born the wrath of God that I deserved and suffered the punishment for MY sin, I would be bound for eternal destruction. And even now, if the Son of God were to lift His restraining hand of grace, I would instantly follow my sinful desires to my own destruction. But praise God, Jesus holds everything together and He is faithful to complete me in my progress toward becoming more like Him (Rom 8:29).

Today, I am more thankful for my son, Myles. Having caught a glimpse of the anguish of life without him. I have a deeper appreciation of what a delight he is.

Likewise, I am thankful for my salvation. When I read a passage like Isaiah 6 and come face to face with the burning holiness of the Almighty and my corresponding unworthiness, I am glad that I'm right with the LORD through the blood of Christ.

Without Christ there would be no hope. "If in Christ we have hope in this life only, we are of all people most to be pitied (1 Cor 15:19)" My past was empty without Him, and my future will be not only full, but overflowing with everlasting joy in His presence!

To God alone be the glory!

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