Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pastor Warne Visits the BSG

My cup is overflowing! God is so good to me it makes my head buzz sometimes, oh wait ... that's all the sugar!

Anyway, what a blessing it was to have had Pastor Brian Warne visit the Bible Study Group at work last Thursday (8/7/08)! It was very cool that Countryside's church-planter and missionary to Mexico (Jahuara 2, Sinaloa) was there to show some videos and pictures, and give a challenge from God's Word.

Attendance was not through the roof (no more than 8 or 9) but the session was video-recorded via a video-conference. We sent the link to hundreds of BSG members in KC, Boston, California, and other sites around the country and beyond!

Pastor Warne briefly introduced his family, ministry history and gave an overview of the Mayo Indian religious make-up. Then he played a video that gives a good feel for the sights and sounds of Sinaloa. The video features images of the church, clips of Pastor Warne preaching, a baptismal service at the lake (featuring a fish fry!)

Then Pastor Warne gave a challenge/devotional from Acts 8:4-8. He proclaimed God's truth regarding our responsibility to preach the Gospel (both with our lips and our lives) and the results that we can expect.

The question and answer time was also a treat as we had great discussion. However, our "time-saving" idea to play a slide show with music DURING the Q&A did not translate well onto the video. While the music was beautiful, it completely drowned out the conversation in the room (though we could not tell at the time). So in the video you can see that Q&A is going on, and that people are periodically looking up at the slide show on the screen (and thus into the camera) ... but you can not hear a WORD that is being said!

Overall it was such a blessing and a personal highlight to be able to have Pastor Brian come out and address the BSG.

Please pray for the Warnes as this weekend they travel back "home" to Mexico to minister to their beloved mission field there. Here is their prayer card ...

I took off the contact info (to be on the safe side.) Also note: Dan (left) and Amy (right) are now both in college this year! Please pray for our empty-nesters, Brian and Danyel!!!

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