Thursday, October 2, 2008

Skid Row - Part 4

Dan shared these prayer requests...

Hey, I thought I'd post these Skid Row prayer requests. Please remember that every name has a face and a story of desperate need. They are what we collected as a group. Thanks Jillian!


Please pray for:

- Jesus: a little difficult to understand because of the language barrier and we're not sure how well he understood us either. Pray that he would read his Bible and that the Holy Spirit would speak it to his heart.
- David: Jewish, heroin addict. Really opened up to us about his life and listened as we shared the gospel with him. Pray that he wouldn't see it just as what works for us, but as the hope he needs to be reconciled to God.
- Larry: out of gas, searching and responsive to the gospel.
- Nato: has glaucoma
- Leanne: still very sick
- Warren: didn't believe Scripture was God's word
- Evelyn: wants to see her children, addicted to heroin, needs Hope
- Sheri: alcoholic, raped and abused, pray that she'd understand the gospel
- Johnny Boy: really quiet, talked to him about God
- Dolphus: has a "choice to make"
- St. Louis: wife just got out of hospital, pray for her healing, daughter pregnant and about to have baby, pray that he'd grow closer to Christ
- Teddy: rough life, drug abuse, beginning to understand gospel
- Jermaine and fiancee Natalia: son Nyrel, Jermaine has "learning problem"
- Rod: son, health and well-being
- Victor
- Wolfgang and Evan: from Germany, pretty hard to understand, they were looking for money they had lost
- Mike: was presented with the gospel very clearly, listened intently but said "not right now" when asked if he would like to respond in any way
- Alonzo: hateful to the truths of Christ that were presented to him
- Ricardo
- David: young man was on drugs, asked for food, spent time talking with our group and was impacted by the care they showed him
- Heather: mental stability, has been in and out of hospitals for 17 years
- Tony, Tony and Linda: need housing. Linda can't find her granddaughter
- Wydell
- Jonathan: housing, strength, salvation
- Jenn: health benefits, healing of ribs
- Dawnetta: restoration with son, get him off streets, stop selling drugs
- Nicholas: get into program, salvation
- Kadeem: understand gospel and deity of Christ.

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