Sunday, March 15, 2009

Practical Evangelism by Lucas Hanna

Lucas sent me this summary of the message he gave at our Bible Study at work in February. He briefly outlined the Gospel itself doctrinally, but his message this time was intentionally practical in nature ...

We all need tools to accomplish the work we do. When it comes to sharing the gospel we need tools as well. Because without tools, tools that we know how to use and use well, we will find our selves ineffective. These are some of the tools that I teach people how to use at the Shawnee Reformed Presbyterian Church of Shawnee. If you have another tool to use that is great. If you don’t have any tools on your belt of truth, here are some suggestions.

Remember you have the opportunity to effect great advancement in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. The P.R.E.S.S. acronym begins with a commitment to pray, a commitment to choose a few people to pray for, and a commitment to make a little time in your week to spend time with them. A commitment to share the gospel with those you have been praying for, looking for opportunities to expose the non-believer to other Christians. Finally it is a commitment to sponsor the new believer into the kingdom. Your commitment to share the gospel results in a responsibility to teach that person. To see them rooted in truth, and reproducing the work in others that you accomplished in them.

* Pray
* Relate intentionally
* Expose
* Share
* Sponsor
Lucas also shares several resources (tools for your toolbelt) to learn, to help you to be more confident in sharing the Good News with your friends and family. He describes them below.
Share Jesus Without fear by Bill Fay

This is the tool that enables you to simply and clearly present the gospel of Jesus Christ quickly. It is not the whole gospel for the whole man. It is just the basics, just the elementary principles of God, sin, death, mercy, justice, Jesus, and faith. But when you need to share simply and quickly it is a great first step on the lifelong journey of following Jesus.

Life issues (4 Studies on the book of John) by Randy Pope

This is an evangelistic tool we train the people at our church with. It is an excellent resource for someone interested in exploring the claims of Jesus Christ. Very often when you have shared the gospel a person is interested, the Spirit of God is working in them, and they are under conviction but they want to know more. This is a great way to show them Jesus. Each book also gives a very short explanation for basic Christian beliefs.

i.e. ( Is the bible the word of God?, Do all non-Christians deserve eternal punishment?, Is Jesus the only way to God?, and What is required for eternal life?

How to Grow in Christ by Jack Kinneer

This is the absolutely necessary step of follow-up. The new believer must get into a good church where they can be cared for. You must also take the responsibility to make sure they are being trained to grow in Christ. This is an excellent “discipleship” tool. Good for both women and men, simple but very solid. The author was actually my Greek professor in Seminary.

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