Saturday, April 25, 2009

Have you discovered Conrad Mbewe?

Have you been introduced to Pastor Conrad Mbewe (pronounced M-bay-way)? He is widely known as the African Spurgeon. I have enjoyed learning about him in this article, published for World Magazine. Here is an excerpt.
Mr. Mbewe isn't sure why listeners compare him to the British "Prince of Preachers." Perhaps it is because Mr. Spurgeon too toiled to the point of collapse, ministering to a congregation of 4,000, delivering sermons 10 times a week, managing an orphanage, and running a preachers' college - all of which culminated in exhaustion and gout.

Or perhaps it is because Mr. Mbewe shares Spurgeon's love for writing. Spurgeon edited and wrote for his monthly magazine, The Sword and Trowel; Mr. Mbewe has been writing two columns a week for the last 10 years in the country's Daily Chronicle newspaper. One is a sermon, while the other examines popular social questions and is tailored for the ordinary man, similar to Spurgeon's selection of parables, John Ploughman's Talk.
You can find Mbewe's sermons on HeartCry and Monergism. Here is Conrad's blog. Mbewe will be visiting the States in May for a FIRE conference in Indiana.

Finally, I found this YouTube video of Conrad. I understand he is normally quite animated in his gestures (which the video doesn't pick up) but the audio is quite powerful.

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