Friday, August 14, 2009

Now on a higher plane I dwell

The following is from a daily devotional at the Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones Recording Trust. I encourage you to check out this website and be taught about life from the late MLJ.

August 13 Now on a higher plane I dwell

Do I always place everything in my life, and everything that happens to
me, in the context of my Christian faith, and then look at it in the
light of that context? The heathen cannot do that ... He does not
believe in God, or know anything about Him; he has not this revelation
of God as his Father and himself as His child ... But what really proves
that we are Christians is that, when these things come to us, or happen
to us, we do not see them just as they are; as Christians we take them
and put them immediately into the context of the whole of our faith and
then look at them again ...

Our Lord asked His disciples, 'Where is your faith? Why are you not
applying it?' ... Something happens to us that tends to upset us. The
heathen in the natural man makes him lose his temper, or become hurt and
sensitive. But the Christian stops and says, 'Wait a minute. I am going
to take this thing and put it into the context of everything I know and
believe about God and my relationship to Him'. Then he looks at it
again. Then he begins to understand what the author of the Epistle to
the Hebrews means when he says, 'whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth'.
Because the Christian knows that, he is able to enjoy it, in a sense,
even while it is happening, because he puts it into the context of his
faith ... Is my conduct and my behaviour in life such that it shows I am
a Christian? Do I show plainly and clearly that I belong to a higher
realm, and that I can raise everything about me to that realm? ...
Realize what you are; remember who you are and live accordingly. Rise to
the level of your faith; be worthy of your high calling in Christ Jesus.
Christian people, watch your lips, watch your tongues. We betray
ourselves in our conversation ... in the things that come out in our
unguarded moments ... the Christian exercises discipline and control
because he sees everything in the context of God and of eternity.

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount, ii, pp. 140-1

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