Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is so great about a simple Saturday?

I thought I'd devote a blog to the great day the Lord gave last Saturday (8/8/09).

Morning Ride
Got up early and rode my bike to church to set up hymns/Scripture slides (it's my month to put these up on the screen during the worship service). This was my first major bike ride (>1 mi) and while I didn't know how far it was, thought it would be fun to give it a try. The hills were more than I expected but it a cool morning and the wind was on my back.

I laughed to myself when a 'serious' cycler passed me like I was a statue. He had a sweet ride and sported the bright spandex w/built-in seat cushion. I kidded myself that I could have hung with him ... if I was in shape ... or if I hadn't eaten a half pound of chocolate donut gems.

Encouraging Friends
Halfway into the ride my buddy Amol called my cell, giving a nice excuse to pull off the road and chat while I caught my breath. I often marvel how God gave me this friendship with a Christian brother from India who now lives in New Jersey. I met Amol through the Bible Study group at work, and have been so blessed to watch God's hand work in this brother in his experiences, and the people God sends to him. Plus, his voice sounds like Ravi Zacharias (being from India), especially when he quotes C.S. Lewis.

When I got to the church I found it locked. I figured as much, but didn't care. I had brought some reading and finished off my donuts while I waited for the worship team to arrive for their practice.

Within minutes, though, Mike and Rita Sanders showed up. They were there to work on the grounds. So Mike and I chatted while I set up the slides for the Sunday service. Didn't take long before I had to stop and give Mike my full attention. We chopped it up about ministry opportunities, evangelism, and Paul Washer (one sermon in particular). Mike's passion for Christ is contagious and it left me full of joy!

Soon I was back on the bike and headed back. I live in Spring Hill, KS and never noticed it before, but it aint called Spring HILL because it's in a valley! Seems like I was constantly laboring up hills against the wind. The sun was hot and as I stood to pedal I could see ants on the street passing with ease. Later we measured the distance: 8.7 miles. Real bikers do this in their sleep, but I was struggling!

Running Errands
After a shower, the Bonhams ventured out of the A/C for some errands. We enjoy shopping at Sams on Saturdays for the samples and their hot dog combo for buck-fifty is tough to beat! This is the only shopping I enjoy, and I honestly do enjoy it!

We hit several other places along the way but the kids were well behaved and we enjoyed checking off our 'to-do's'.

At 4 pm we rewarded the kids with some pool time in town. The cheap admission (Spring Hill) was great and there were few people there at an hour before closing time.

Grandma and Granddad came over for dinner and the ladies prepared a delicious shrimp pasta with amazing rolls and salad!

The worn-out kids happily went to sleep without a fight and Aimee and I got to enjoy some quiet time and a movie before calling it a day.

I can't say this was a perfect day, or one that will make any difference in history. But I thank God for this Saturday, and for days like this. Every breath we're given is a gift from God. We deserve death, but are blessed like this! Thinking about the Gospel makes simple Saturdays like this even sweeter!

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