Saturday, April 10, 2010

Music for you

Free music abounds, so I thought I would wrap these together into one post. I expect there is something for everyone ...

This is last minute (it's today), but if you enjoy listening to a master concert pianist, and live in the north part of KC, check out Andrew Sheffield do his thing TODAY! He is giving a free piano recital at 2:30pm at New Hope Church of the Nazarene, located on North Oak, just north of Briarcliff Road. Andrew has a gift for music and uses it to edify the body at FCC where her serves as worship leader.

Another gifted musician who needs more pub is Nathan Clark George. I talk about him often, and for good reason! He has now added a new free tune on his site. The music is great, but even better are the words. Here is the first verse:

All men are but mortal, all flesh fades like grass
Only through deaths portal to, eternal life we pass
This body here must perish, before it gains reward
Heavenly joys to cherish, for the ransomed of the Lord

Click here to see how he came up with the song, and download it for free!

As we travel the spectrum of musical styles, let's kick off our shoes and pick up a fiddle! I came across this delightful video in a google search for the Rolf Family (featured in this post).

Here is the official Rolf Family website. Devon, if you're reading, I suggest you add an 'Events' section to the site and fill it up with nearby venues!

Finally, slap on your ear goggles (headphones) on and pic up the mic. If you enjoy theology AND rap music, you can download a free album from iSix5 (short for Isaiah 6:5), from Grace Bible Church in Tempe, Arizona. If you're like me, and don't catch all the words, here are the lyrics. Good stuff, lots of Scripture, lots of theology, Christ-exalting. Here is a quick taste:

God Himself is guardin what He placed inside of me/
And His indwelling Spirit is constantly reminding me/
I was filled and sealed to let the flesh die to me/
Conforming to the image of Him, cuz I'm tryna see/
Less JG, that's why I am denying me/
I must decrease to increase His notoriety/

Thanks, Andrew B for that one!

Sorry polka fans, I have nothing for you.

**UPDATE! Devon pointed me to this newer video of the family performing at Silver Dollar City. Enjoy! **

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