Thursday, August 5, 2010

Confession is not Propitiatory

Huh? Some might wonder what that means! This is the title of an article a friend sent me today. It basically means that merely saying you are sorry (even repenting) for an offense against God does not make everything better; it does not satisfy the required justice.

Had a discussion in Bible Study today about this very thing. The topic of the study was how God is our Judge. He has every right to be our judge as the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Someone mentioned how He forgives and that He's not all about Law. This is true, but I feel like I failed to clearly communicate that the only basis for His forgiveness of rebellious enemies of God (Rom 5:10) like us, is the Blood of Christ. This article, sent in God's perfect timing, explains perfectly what I was trying to spit out! It answers a question we should all have, and that is, 'What do we do with all our guilt?' It includes a great Spurgeon quote and a beautiful Christian song. Please read! Confesion is not Propitiatory

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