Saturday, November 20, 2010

The case of the stolen camera

We recently found our lost digital camera. It was under Adriana's bed and was left on draining the batteries. The following seven pictures stored on it's SD card indicate who the perpetrator might have been.

Exhibit A - this is taken in our utility room. Note the height at which this was taken. Hard to imagine the one taking the picture is taller than two feet.

Exhibit B - Myles revealed this looked like his 'monster guy' (his 6-armed stuffed alien buddy)

Can you see the smile?

Exhibit C - this picture is not included because it is too gross. It is an inside view of kitty's bathroom

Exhibit D - not sure what this is but Myles pointed out some numbers in it.

Exhibit E & F - the most condemning evidence are these two pictures. No one else in the family has these little hands.

Exhibit G - hard to tell but you can see the carpet below through what appears to be fingers.

Can you tell who this mystery photographer is?

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