Thursday, November 11, 2010

The week in pictures

Thought it was time to post some pictures of the eventful week.

We took a walk at the English Landing Park on Sunday. Gorgeous warm day in November! Aimee and Adriana joined us but elected not to appear in the pictures!

On Monday, Conrad Mbewe spoke at State Street for the Bible Study. His VISA situation working out was an answer to prayer, as was his stirring Christ-centered message from ... Ecclesiastes 1! Over a hundred employees in the US and Canada got to meet Conrad via video-conference.

Here he is chopping it up with Rich Casebolt about church-planting. Rich, having spent the last six years in Thailand, would later speak to the BSG on Thursday.

This week I received my John MacArthur ESV study Bible. If you are not on GTY's mailing list, you missed out! Sign up and you will get a monthly offer for a free CD or other resource. This generous ministry often gives copies of MacArthur's books!

Aimee started her once a week job at Mom's Day Out (daycare). Myles was excited to meet new friends and sport his new Spiderman lunchbox; pictured with his typical arsenal of gestures!

Not without it's challenges, the week also produced this new hairdo. While he came out acting as if nothing had happened we soon learned he had found the razor and played barber to the tune of a giant chunk out of his already short hair! Here is the mugshot.

Great week, though. A friend gave me the book Radical by David Platt and I can't wait to read it. Having heard some of the sermons it was based on, I look forward to reading this call to examine 'the American Dream' in light of Scripture and the radical demands of Christ.

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