Friday, July 1, 2011

Free S.O. album download

I commend the UK artist S.O., the newest member of Lamp Mode. His lyrics are saturated with Christ-exalting rhymes and wrapped in a smooth hip hop beat, professionally produced by Lamp Mode!

You can get his entire album 'S.O. It Begins' for FREE here ...

My favorite song so far is Highs and Lows. S.O. describes how in his walk with Christ, he goes through painful lows, then like in the Psalms, he looks to Christ and is lifted up.

(So I ask myself) Why are you downcast my soul, hope in the Lord/See Him hanging there on the pole for the filthest thoughts/The most wicked of hearts, He died for you S know it/This is truth, objective how do you then blow/Repentance and faith, bear fruit man show it/Have that cross up in face endure and know Him/Be strong in the grace that’s found solely in Him/Satan will pray tricks by reminding you of your sin/But He died for them all, remember Calvary again/Never let it leave your brain/and things will never be the same/The Lamb of God was truly slain, rose up from the grave though/And justified in His name up the praise go!/Yeah, and that will never change/This that high up on the ride that I better crave/My help and my God who is centre stage/And His Spirit in I no better way/
Download this album and be blessed by it too!

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