Monday, May 19, 2008

God's glory in hardship

I had a blast this weekend fellowshipping with Countryside's missionary to Mexico, Pastor Brian Warne, and the native Mayo-Indian brother, Norberto, who is partnering with the Warne's in Sinaloa, Mexico. Norberto came up to personally thank our church for our prayers and resource support for their family during the last few years.

This dear family has suffered immensely as their daughter, Rebecca, has had a life-changing brain tumor. She was in a coma for several months and at one point her parents were told she was clinically brain dead. Struggling for so long to find adequate care in a country notorious for poor health care, she is now, by God's grace, in a Ronald McDonald house in Texas. She has been improving slowly but steadily, but it could take five years or more before she functions with normalcy.

But to see Norberto's smile and hear him testify of his absolute trust and confidence in Christ during this trial was such a blessing to all of us. I am tearing up now just thinking about how special it was to have been there with Pastor Warne to meet this man at the airport Friday, and begin to get to know him a bit by talking to him through Pastor Warne who interpreted. It was an honor because God obviously loves him so dearly to have ordained so much suffering for him! What a dear vessel that the Lord has chosen to reflect with such brilliance the glory of God! Many others in our church have visited the Warnes in previous years and know and love Norberto.

At the end of the Sunday night service, after seeing slides and watching videos of the work in Mexico, we got to hear Norberto's testimony, through Daniel Warne (Pastor Brian's oldest son) who interpreted. Then the men of the church put their hands on Norberto and prayed for him and his family. It was a memorable and Christ-honoring evening!

While not a pastor yet technically, obviously Norberto has a pastor's heart and calling. Please pray for this godly man and what the Lord will do through him. Pray for his family as well and for Rebecca to continue to improve. We heard so many stories about this sweet seven-year-old!

I hope to post more about Norberto and the Warne's ministry in Mexico in the weeks to come.

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