Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Joyce Meyer at the Sprint Center - Stay Away!

Joyce Meyer seems like a very nice lady. She even looks a lot like my Grandma, a compliment since they are both very youth-ful looking despite their ages!

Thankfully, my grandma is not a heretical false teacher like Joyce Meyer!

I learned that she is coming to KC this weekend and will be speaking at the Sprint Center for three "free" shows.

Meyer is very popular because she tells people what they want to hear, namely that we're not sinners! Most of her teaching is very practical from what I understand.

But Meyer's teaching must be tested for truth, and from what I have seen it is found lacking! She teaches that Jesus ceased to be God on the cross and when He died, He paid for our sins in hell (not on the cross as Scripture teaches). She parrots other Word-Faith teachers like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and others. In addition she boasts that her extra-Biblical knowledge comes from divine revelation, thus denying the sufficiency of Scripture! Oh, and get this: she believes she's sin-free!

Here are some notable quotes (from Berean Faith):

The cross wasn't enough, Jesus redeemed us in hell
  • "And you've got to really glean some things out of the Word of God to really get hold of what He [Jesus] did for you during those three days. Jesus said, 'It is finished.' And He meant the Old Covenant. The job He had to do was just getting started. He really did the job the three days and nights that He was in hell. That's where the job was done."
  • "He was pronounced guilty on the cross but He paid the price in hell."
  • "There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth I am presenting. You cannot go to heaven unless you believe with all your heart that Jesus took your place in hell"
Jesus was the first born again man

  • "God rose up from His throne and said to demon powers tormenting the sinless Son of God, 'Let Him go.' Then the resurrection power of Almighty God went through hell and filled Jesus. He was resurrected from the dead -- the first born-again man"
Above Reproach - testing their spirits

  • "The Bible can't even find any way to explain this. Not really. That's why you've got to get it by revelation. There are no words to explain what I'm telling you. I've got to just trust God that He's putting it into your spirit like He put it into mine."
  • Meyer says "that the changed lives are proof enough," that she's "anointed by God to do what I'm doing."
I'm sinfree!

  • "I'm going to tell you something folks, I didn't stop sinning until I finally got it through my thick head I wasn't a sinner anymore. And the religious world thinks that's heresy and they want to hang you for it. But the Bible says that I'm righteous and I can't be righteous and be a sinner at the same time. All I was ever taught to say was, 'I'm a poor, miserable sinner.' I am not poor, I am not miserable and I am not a sinner. That is a lie from the pit of hell. That is what I was and if I still am then Jesus died in vain. Amen?"
  • "I might as well go and smack Him right in the face if I'm going to go around and feel guilty and condemned. Every time you feel guilty and condemned it's just like slapping Him in the face and saying, You didn't do a good job. You didn't do a complete job. I'm an old rotten this and I'm an old rotten that."
Angels tell me what to say

  • "Now spirits don't have bodies, so we can't see them. Okay? There probably is, I believe there is, and I certainly hope there is several angels up here this morning that are preaching with me. I believe that right before I speak some anointed statement to you, that one of them bends over and says in my ear what I'm supposed to say to you."
Please take a few minutes and carefully listen to this expose on Meyer, where you can here the heresy from her own mouth.

So when the Sprint Center opens its doors this weekend ...

Don't be a part of this undiscerning (though spirited) group of sheep!

As Paul warned the Ephesians in Acts 20, ...
I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them. (Acts20:29-30)

For more reading on Joyce Meyer ...

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