Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008

I'm thankful that our kids have such a good mom, my beautiful wife, Aimee!

Adriana, 11 in June, wrote this piece about her mom, so I thought I'd share on this very special day in which we honor our moms.
Need of a Mother
All through out my life I would complain. I felt as if I had too much to do and nobody to help me. I was very angry at my mom and angry with God. I was living a selfish life of sin.
Then something unexpected happened. In the middle of the night my dad woke me up and told me I had to babysit my two year old brother and seven year old sister while my dad took my mom to the emergency room.
After a while my grandparents came and took us to their house, Praise God!
But I was still thinking about Mom.
It had been a whole week and she still wasn’t back.
Her being in the hospital made me realize how much I need a mom to help with school, cleaning, making dinner, and loving and raising her kids.
I was also thinking about how God gave me a mom that is perfect for me and my siblings. God was in control in this event in my life and still is. I felt horrible about the way I had acted before, and it was wrong. Through God’s grace He forgave me, and my mom got home soon after that!
I will never forget God’s grace shown in this event. I love my mom.
This ordeal happened in February when Aimee was hospitalized for her migraine attacks. She's being treated now by a chiropractor and has seen some very promising results, for which we give God much praise!

Aimee, the girls love you and are delighted to have you as their mother!

Happy Mothers Day!

P.S. To my own mom: if you're reading, love you, thanks for sticking with me despite my "annoying years", ... age 3-20.

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