Friday, September 19, 2008

10/4/08 - D.A. Carson is only a 4-hour drive away!

Thought I'd let everyone know about a conference in Omaha in a couple of weeks. We're praying about whether to go to this day-long conference hosted by Omaha Bible Church, and featuring the amazing Don Carson!

You may remember Carson from my 'daily Carson' posts that went up after I read his book A Call to Spiritual Reformation.

The conference takes place October 4th, (the Saturday after I return from a work trip in Boston--so the timing is poor.) But, we might just go anyway!

Here are some reasons why:
  • DA Carson
  • Cheap! $15 for an individual, $25 for families!
  • Very interesting and relevant subject matter
  • It's close. 4 hour trip aint bad!
  • DA Carson
  • completely 'kid-friendly'. They have daycare for young kids and offer a tandem conference for little ones
  • catered food for breakfast and lunch!
  • DA Carson!
  • I hope to meet Erik Raymond-Pastor of Preaching- South Campus OBC-aka the Irish Calvinist
  • Have I mentioned DA Carson?
For Erik's post click here. Click here for the conference page.

If you think you might go, drop me a line and perhaps we can coordinate our trip (if we end up going)!

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