Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fall pictures

Just wanted to share a few fall pictures.

First, a couple of pics of Myles enjoying the KC Pumpkin Patch. He's got some older buddies (the House boys) who he loves to hang out with. Here he is with one joyfully running to the next attraction.

You have to enlarge this one and notice the complete joy on his face as he goes down the slide!

Perhaps the caption for this one should read. "Granddad and Myles have heart-to-heart talk after Myles knocks out soccer kid." (this is NOT what happened, just kind of looked like it)

A couple weeks ago, Aimee painted our living room walls as high as she could, then I finished up with a friend's scaffolding and ladders (thanks Mark!) to get those really high walls!

We are getting our house ready to sell and painting was a huge step that is now out of the way!

Finally, our dear friend Deb shot some family pics at the OP Arboretum. It was a beautiful day and the pics came out great!

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