Friday, November 28, 2008

Nathan Clark George @ Redeemer & Rolfs at SSKC

A couple of Christmas concerts to let you know about (get your sharpies out; you'll want to mark these on your calendars!)

First, Nathan Clark George will be doing a free Christmas concert at Redeemer Presbyterian on Sunday evening, December 21st. The tentative time is 6:00 pm, but check his website for updates. Bring $$$ to buy his music!

If you don't know who NCG is, you obviously don't read my blog so you're probably not reading this post either! Or are you?!? If you missed these posts, click here and here ... or just go to his website. NCG is my favorite musician 'of his kind' (of which there is no other.)

Second concert to let you know about: The exquisite Rolf family (Devon Rolf that is) will be performing in the StateStreet Tower 1 lobby on December 12th at noon. You're welcome to come by and listen. There is a public cafeteria in the building so come early to eat, then enjoy the bluegrass and Gospel tunes! Not sure but I think someone who works at StateStreet might have organized this!

Here is a map. The Rolfs will be in 801 Penn (which is the one with the StateStreet sign)...

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