Monday, May 11, 2009

Living the Cross Centered Life Quotes - Day One

Have you read this book yet? Last month, I read it again ... this time, I made notes of my favorite quotes. There are many, so I decided to put them on the blog, a day at a time. Now I can focus on their great truths in the coming weeks. I invite you to come along with me on this journey.

Of course, even better-buy the book. Buy several copies to give to friends and family, and neighbors. If you would like a review of the book, here are three to get you started:
Now for the first quote, from Al Mohler's Forward:

In Living the Cross Centered Life, C.J. walks us through the real meaning of Christ’s cross. He takes us right to the center of God’s plan to save His own enemies—a rebellious humanity. As C.J. writes, “Because of God’s amazingly gracious heart toward those who thoroughly deserve only His wrath, He both planned for and provided this mediator to resolve the divine dilemma—a mediator who, through His blood, whould accomplish a unique assignment utterly unlike any other work of mediation. In the mystery of His mercy, God—the innocent, offended party—offers up to death His own Son, to satisfy His righteous wrath and save the guilty party from it.”

That’s about as clear a description of God’s saving purpose as you will ever find. It is wonderfully grounded in Scripture (just read Romans 3:21-28!) and it points directly to God’s mercy toward sinners. Of course, this takes us right to the cross of Christ and its meaning for us. He explains why the good news of the cross is so infinitely good, and how you can know the grace of God through the message of the cross. (p 9-10)

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