Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day 2008!

I'd heard this quote by MacArthur some time ago, and it seems quite fitting since today is Earth Day. It really puts things in perspective!

I want to do my duty to take care of my yards so that it reflects the beauty of God's creation. But I can't get in to this environmental thing of "save the planet...save the planet...save the planet." This is a disposable planet. It's the way it was designed. Sin is catapulting this planet toward destruction. And as I have said before, if you think we're messing up the planet, wait till you see what Jesus does to it. This is a passing world. All this action, all this fury, all this media attention for all of this stuff has nothing to do with anybody's eternal soul. People go to colleges and universities and get Ph.D.s to rearrange these deck chairs. It's all stuff that's raised up against the knowledge of God. and Paul says, "When I came to Christ, I died to it and it to me. It has no part with me, I have no part with it."

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