Wednesday, April 2, 2008

In the aftermath of April Fool's Day!

My daughters are pranksters and love April Fool's Day!

  • I went to put on my tennis shoes and there were plastic frogs in them.
  • Sophia had hung a plastic frog in the inside of the freezer at eye level.
  • Adriana got into the act and was more elaborate: She wrote a letter to me stating that a former bank owed me money and enclosed was a fake check for $20. I found this letter in my dresser drawer!
  • There were also plastic frogs in my bed!!!
  • Sophia told Ana they didn't have school today.
  • Earlier in the day, she had put fishing line on her door so everyone would trip when entering and did the same on Myles room and in the basement.
  • My favorite: the rubber band around the kitchen sprayer so when you turn on the water you get sprayed!

I think Sophia likes this day so much because she was born a few days before it (3/29). It's like the chicks that imprint to the first thing they see, usually their mother! Sophia's first and favorite holiday is April Fool's Day! :o)

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