Saturday, April 26, 2008

Take your Kid to Work Day

I took Adriana (11 yrs-old in June) to work with me on Thursday as part of the "Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work" program.

She got to meet some of my friends, take a few classes (on fitness, nutrition, and our company) , and mostly hang out with Dad and learn about what I do and what some of my co-workers do.

She tells me she had a blast.

For me the most entertaining was introducting Adriana to my friends in various departments (the attorneys, risk and compliance, trade processing, and trust operations) and getting to hear them explain what they do, trying to frame it in terms that a 10-year-old can grasp. They did a great job of giving the high level without "dumbing" it down. My favorite was the answer given by Travis, a project manager, "My job is to get other people to do work so I don't have to, but usually I end up doing their work." Travis was featured in our company newsletter so we got his autograph!

Here is Adriana at my desk. Yes, this is AFTER I straightened it up!

Here is my boss, Andy, seen here going over the "Risk Roadmap" with Adriana. She of course pointed out several gaping holes in the analysis which would cost our company millions!

Since Take Your Kid to Work fell on a Thursday, Adriana and a few other kids got to see what the Bible Study was like. We did our usual lesson, only with more role-playing and story-telling and cookies. Lest I be accused of "contextualization" I will say that the message was the same, it's just that we normally don't eat cookies ... something I intend to CHANGE pronto!

I'm very excited about the Bible Study Group (BSG), and so thankful that we are allowed to have this weekly time for sharing in prayer and encouragement around the Bible. Not only that, but next Thursday (on the National Day of Prayer) we are privileged to welcome Pastor Mike Summers of Countryside to come and share with us from God's Word.

I had to mail some papers so we visited the lower levels of Tower 1.

Here is what our mailroom looks like. As you can see, it's a far cry from the mailroom that appears in one of my favorite movies, Elf. Do you recall the part when Elf says, "This place reminds me of Santa's workshop. Except it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to hurt me."? It's right before this crazy scene...

With scenes of the movie Elf running through my mind, I just couldn't resist lighting up the elevator buttons like a Christmas tree!

Glad we only have 5 floors.

Needless to say, I wasn't the most productive that day. I even arranged to leave early so we could catch the movie, Expelled. Have I mentioned I like that movie???

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