Saturday, April 5, 2008

Max MacLean on the Bible Answer Man

You can catch Max MacLean's appearances on the Bible Answer Man* last week (thursday 4/3 and Friday 4/4) by downloading the show for FREE on! Just follow the link and click on Hank's striking mug...

... then listen online or download the mp3 which is free with registration.

If you have never heard Max MacLean narrate the Bible or C.S.Lewis works or anything else, you need to check him out! I have the audio Bible on ESV (mp3) and it's been a huge blessing!

Max is on BAM promoting his Classics of the Christian Faith, a 9-CD set in which he narrates using his golden voice, the most famous works of Augustine, Martin Luther, John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, and George Whitfield.

Here is the promo from that website link ...
Five Classics that Still Ignite Hearts and Minds.
Here in one collection, these five classics – each in an easy-to-listen-to narration with an introduction to set up its moment in history – are vividly brought to life by master storyteller, Max McLean. Next to the Bible, these classics have had the most impact on the Christian faith.
I'm not getting paid to endorse this (I should be, I'm that good!). But this is simply a product I'm very excited about and therefore expect you to be as well! As soon as I get my hands on it I'll post an update to give you my humble opinion, though to be honest Ben Stein with a sinus infection reading these works would still excite my spiritual affections for the Lord! Let alone someone with a trained, theatrical voice like Max!

*Disclaimer: this is not an endorsement of Hank. I'm not the big BAM fan I used to be. His show is way too "commercial" if you ask me and I disagree with him on some (secondary) doctrinal issues. I do, however, praise God for this brother and his apologetic efforts, and have benefited spiritually from his ministry.

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